Toilet Repair Calgary

When your toilet gets clogged beyond what the ordinary plunger treatment can handle, there may be a deeper problem. Our clients have had such predicaments at the absolute most inconvenient times, and they’ve been extremely happy to get things back on track using Art’s Plumbing services.

“One call does it all” ~ Our toilet repair service will free you from a major headache and get you back to focusing on what’s important to you. We have the expertise and are equipped to handle any kind of significant toilet plugs.

Give us a call to enjoy the lowest-rate service calls in Calgary or to take ask about our 25% seniors’ discount. We ❤ to give back to the community!

Serving Calgary, Alberta

If Calgary is your home, then we’re just a phone call away, and our $40 transportation fee can be waived if you do choose to have us perform a repair.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You get a 1 year labor warranty on our work, and 90 days on parts! We do the hard part of dealing with parts if you should need to claim against your parts warranty.

Thanks for viewing the Art’s Plumbing website! We are honoured to have the opportunity to serve you. Please give us a call at (587) 323-8500, and experience the top-notch service that Art’s Plumbing was founded to extend to the world.

All our best,
Art’s Plumbing Team